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Aperture 2 - workflow options - part 1 of 1 2 3

Published 01/10/2008


By Uzair Kharawala

Aperture 2 is an all-in-one workflow software which allows photographers to work without having to go into various other programs during their workflow process. I've been using Aperture since it was released and now, with Aperture 2, I can progress, more or less, 100% of my workflow, all in one program. From import to output, Aperture 2 delivers a simple workflow solution for photographers, especially for someone like me who wants to work in a single program as much as possible.

The quality of the output files is uncompromising. Currently I use the Nikon D3 and I love the files I get out of Aperture 2. The best feature is the 'non-destructive' way the images are processed so that they are always retained 'as shot' if I ever need to go back to my originals.


Here is a typical workflow for my wedding or portrait shooting:

Downloading/Importing/Renaming Images Importing images is quick and easy. Images can be imported from a camera, card-reader, DVD, hard drives or from iPhoto. At the point of importing, you can add copyright, keywords and other metadata, all in one go. From a wedding, I may need to import about 600-700 images and as soon as I start importing, I press 'P' which gives me the Quick Preview of the imported images and I can immediately start to cull images which are not required. I shoot with two camera bodies and the first thing I do is to sort the images in time order;I then rename them.

I've created a 'Custom Name with Counter' for my images. All I do is select all the images and 'Batch Change' all the filenames which takes a few seconds or so.

Stacks is a handy tool which automatically groups images shot in a sequence; this helps browsing a wedding with lots of images, really speeding up the whole shoot. Once all the images have been selected to show case to the couple or client, I proceed to adjust/enhance the RAW files.

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