Photographic Mentoring

Image Competition Getting help with your photography could not be easier with The Society of International Media & Press Photographers.

Select 20 images in one genre
Resize to 2000 pixels on the longest side
Number the images 01 through to 20
Create a contact sheet with all 20 images
Save as jpgs
Compress into a zipped folder
Complete the simple applications for which will direct you to our upload facility
Your mentoring report will then be returned to you as soon as possible


Your critique will be returned to you with helpful suggestions on your images.

Submissions that have researched the prescribed standard for Licentiate may be granted from your ‘Mentor Me’ images. A fee for your Licentiate is then payable.

However the ‘Mentor Me’ programme is there to help you and if you need to make several submissions over a period of time then the benefit is free to members.  

Find the Membership package for you:

Benefits of Membership

Last Modified: Tuesday, 12 November 2019