Alina Sabou is a member of The Society of International Media & Press Photographers

Alina Sabou
Alina Sabou Photography
10 Brucefield Avenue
KY11 4SX

Tel:- +44 7585 828 607
facebook:- Alina Sabou Photography

I`m an Event, Travel, Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photographer based in Dunfermline, Scotland. I`m originally from the county of Maramures, Romania that moved to London in 2005. On one of my travels to Scotland I discovered the beautiful town of Dunfermline and decided to say goodbye to London after 12 years of calling it home.a

I first discovered photography as a student while getting my Degree in Journalism and English but never thought about it seriously until I needed a camera for a research I started a while back. That`s how I ended up with my first DSLR and ever since it`s my travel companion on every adventure I take.

"Beautiful weather, you have the camera in your hands,nice music in the headphones. You look through the viewfinder and everything else disappears. It`s just you, the camera, the music and your subject. In that moment, you can create a whole world, you can change reality or embrace what`s in front of you. But that`s pure bliss!!! " Alina L Sabou

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