Nigel Battley is a member of The Society of International Media & Press Photographers

Nigel Battley
Nigel Battley Photography
161 Stockhouse Lane
PE11 4AT
Mobile:- +44 7985 307 614
facebook:- Nigel Battley Photography

Nigel Battley has an Image Exhibition here.

I am a semi-professional photographer with 21 years of experience, and global awareness.

Additionally, I am a retired Police Officer and Paramedic, having a good inside knowledge of how scenes operate, when covering them, to get the best for the publication. I have also worked with many bands and celebrities, again facilitating familiarity with how management and artistes work.

I also work as an author, providing an all-round ability to produce ready for print material. Investigative journalism is an area I am developing, who doesnít love a good story?

Iím contactable through my links.

Nigel A Battley. BSc.(Hons).

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