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Katherine Larain is a member of The Society of International Media & Press Photographers

Katherine Larain
Katherine Larain Photography
243 Daventry Road
West Midlands

Tel:- +44 747 780 1904
Email:- Katherine Larain
facebook:- Katherine Larain Photography

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Katherine Larain runs MoonWitch private studio and has over 20 years professional experience of media, award winning photography and exhibited art. With clients over the years including Oxfam, Adam Ants fashion brand - Pimpernel, Victorian Gothic UK, The International Burlesque Festival artistes, and numerous authors and actors. Katherine has had her work featured in magazines such as She, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Asian Bride and Prediction and numerous Music press publications.

With a wide range of photographic experience from film set to theatre, live music gigs, fashion and burlesque, outdoor locations to controlled studio environments Katherine has a large portfolio and is capable of many styles. She also builds stage settings, scenery, props and headdresses for commissioned shoots. A lighting expert, passionate about stage and theatre lighting, she also makes her own unique atmospheric lighting rigs and light tools. Building custom made camera lenses and passionate about every detail, she immerses herself completely in the development and research required for each creative role to get the exact results required. When you love something do it with your whole heart...this is where her motto 'love...dream...create' comes from.

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